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oxana kalemi mummy come home the true story of a mother kidnapped and torn from her children купить по лучшей цене

This is a true story of a mother who separated from her husband and has three children—a five-year-old son and three-year-old twin sons—due to a civil war in her country. It was a civil conflict triggered by ethnic discrimination, which unfortunately was between her ethnic group and that of her husband’s ethnic group. Having been working in the administration of the president, who is also of the same ethnic group as him, Martha’s husband disappears as he is potentially one of the wanted people to be killed by her ethnic group. Determined to defy all odds in seeing her children excel, Martha resolves to make some astonishing decisions, most especially one decision that changes her children’s lives for good.Upon hearing the story from his mother while growing up, Krahtay Gaylah (the oldest son of seven) is poised and moved to change the living condition of his mother from the one she has long lived in exile as well as inspire people who are going through similar or worse circumstances they once found themselves in when he begins to redefine himself thereafter.As if the First Civil War was not enough, there comes another political unrest in another country they were forced to exile to, which finally separates Martha from her children. What next? What becomes of Martha’s husband and her children?Every single person has been uniquely made and placed within a particular group, background, creed and culture, and society with a unique purpose to be fulfilled. You are never a mistake....

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